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Tea-making tradition meets distinctive design, with the London Pottery Company's fresh take on it's iconic Globe loose leaf teapot. it's traditional shape contrasts with the blue paint-like splashes that decorate it surface, creating an eye-catching effect that's sure to stand out during tea times. But it's not all about aesthetic: this blue teapot is the perfect choice for loose tea enthusiasts. With it's built-in ceramic spout filter, it prevents loose leaves escaping into your cup once they've steeped. There's less mess too. The spout's position prevents it dripping on work surfaces and table tops. Designed by celebrated ceramist and London Pottery Company director, David Birch, this 2 cup teapot with strainer sits fantastically well with other items from the Splash collection.

Food Safe
Dishwasher safe


2 Cup 500ml

4 Cup 900ml